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The Juice Enthusiast

📍 Partly San Francisco, CA  //  Learning in Eugene, OR

🤹🏻‍♀️ Exploring my Creative Abilities

Welcome! Here's a fun fact: I learned how to snap my fingers at six months old. The point? I have always found a rhythm. I make my own beat. 

Ever since I have always followed a curious mindset. I believe that curiosity and asking questions lead to unthinkable results. Anyone who is willing to keep diving deep will find the treasure. 


I love puzzles. I enjoy piecing things together to create the bigger picture. I am determined to solve any puzzle no matter how many pieces. 

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Songs make me dance: 🎶

What I'm curious about: 🧐

  • How do airplanes float?

  • Can two people have the same dream in one night?

  • What thoughts filter through my dog's head?

  • Are we in a simulation?

Books That Made me think: 📖

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